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When a young Egyptian woman travels from her village to Cairo to add her voice to the tens of thousands of Egyptians demanding an end to sixty years of military rule, she is arrested, beaten, and tortured by security forces and later punished and imprisoned by her family for daring to speak out. Unbreakable, she sets out in a search for freedom and social justice in a country in the grips of a power struggle, where there is little tolerance for the likes of her. Buoyed by the other activists she meets along the way, Hend Nafea’s story mirrors the trajectory of the Arab Spring—from the ecstasy of newfound courage to the agony of shattered dreams. In the end, despite crushing setbacks, it is resilience that sustains the hope for reform even in the darkest hours of repression. If you are a non-profit or community organization and would like to host a screening and/or purchase the DVD please contact for pricing.

      Institutional & Public Viewing Edition
    • $395
    • Apply Code
    • The Institutional and Public Viewing Edition includes
      The Trials of Spring DVDs and the following:

      - 80 minute feature film (Arabic/English)
      - 6 short films co-produced with The New York Times,
      total 35 minutes (Arabic/English)
    • Public Performance License (PPR)
      Allows unlimited screenings for a single campus or location.
      *This does not include the right to show the film on television or online. You are welcome to charge admission or to use the screening as a fundraiser.
    • Discussion Guide
      includes discussion questions, facilitation tips,
      background information and resources.
    • Online, Downloadable Curriculum
      accompanying the 6 short films, and featured on
      The New York Times Learning Network.
    • Audience Survey
      a text-message based audience evaluation system that will allow you (and us) to track the feedback of your audience, following the event—all with a single code. These metrics can be used by you to report to your funders, departments and stakeholders.
    • Screening Partner Toolkit
      artwork, screening poster template, still photographs, press language
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