Set in the 1960s, Wednesdays in Mississippi is about the friendship and political work of two visionary, yet extremely different women, Dorothy Height, President of the National Council of Negro Women, and Polly Cowan, an affluent Jewish New Yorker and social activist.  Believing women could be a unifying force in the most volatile state in the union, they respond to a request by Mississippi women for help, and start a women-only civil rights project to bring Black and White women from the North and South together to talk about the racial turmoil happening in the state and across the nation. Daring to meet secretly behind closed doors despite the disapproval of their husbands and threats of violence, the women begin dialogues that had never happened before. Out of difficult and often confrontational conversations, relationships developed. From the passage of the Civil Rights Act to the emergence of the Black Power Movement, the film traces the transformation of these women as they journey South and confront their own racial biases and support local human rights struggles both in the South and in the North.

Film Details

Director: Marlene McCurtis and Producers: Marlene McCurtis, Cathee Weiss, and Joy Silverman

Year Funded

  • 2018