No bond is more profound than that between parent and child, and no role more primal than that of protector. That elemental bond is our point of entry for an immersive look at how war fractures families and the choices parents must make to protect and provide for their children. The film unfolds in chapters featuring Syrian families in Turkey, Greece, Germany, the U.S. and Syria.  We look beyond the chaotic rawness of war to slow down and connect with four determined families after the bombs are no longer overhead.  They have survived the unspeakable – each losing a vital piece of themselves: a spouse, a home, a child, a limb— only to find that the world is not ready to welcome them. Each story is an intimate portrait of discrete human lives—with expectations and aspirations for their futures that have come to a crashing halt.

Film Details

Director: Megan Mylan; Producers: Megan Mylan, Robin Hessman, Alaá Hassan

Year Funded

  • 2018