In the male dominated, testosterone-fueled sport of powerlifting, the last person one expects to see is a slight, young, Modern Orthodox Jewish girl. Since she began competitively lifting at the age of eight, Naomi “Supergirl” Kutin  has consistently shocked spectators and lifters alike, breaking one record after another. Standing at 5’0” and weighing 95 lbs, she can squat and deadlift more than double her bodyweight. These feats have not gone unnoticed; Naomi has accumulated a moderate amount of fame. She has appeared in the international media, including multiple television shows, and has a large social media following. Supergirl follows Naomi and her family as they prepare for and compete in powerlifting contests around the country, attempting to break new world records. Simultaneously, the film observes Naomi’s transition from a girl to a young woman as she prepares for her Bat Mitzvah – the symbolic entrance to womanhood in Jewish tradition which occurs at age twelve. The film follows Naomi as she attempts to navigate the disparate worlds of competitive powerlifting and Orthodox Judaism – – facing the physical and psychological challenges of her own body’s growth and development while struggling to conform to strict religious laws. Supergirl observes Naomi as she confronts these issues head on, discovering and building her own physical and emotional strength while figuring out who she is along the way.

Film Details

Directed by Jessie Auritt

Year Funded

  • 2014