According to a study conducted by Lincoln Financial, by 2033 there will not be a single ranch operator under the age of 50. The majority of the current ranching generation’s eldest sons are leaving the family business for bigger, better-paying jobs in the city. The ranching way of life is quickly disappearing. Nowhere is this greater felt than in Texas – a state built on the dirt, gumption, and lore of the West. Because of this, there is a steady rise of Texas women inheriting family ranches from their fathers. A greying, often prejudiced generation must make way for a new, significantly more diverse group that it doesn’t understand. With its distinctly iconic American landscape and folkloric characters, ranching is the most cinematic allegory for America as a whole. If Texas Ranching dies out because of insurmountable intolerance, so might America.

Film Details

Directed by: Sarah Brennan Kolb; Produced by: Jessica Burgess and Sarah Brennan Kolb

Year Funded

  • 2016